I hate to say stay strong

2015-02-20 @ 15:55:00
" I hate to say stay strong
because there comes a time
where strong is the last thing
you'd ever be in a moment.
You're on the floor,crying,
fighting the thought of every way
out, and screaming at the top of
your lungs and in that moment,
you aren't strong. You're just
surviving. And to survive is to
keep air in your lungs when
all you want is to suffocate."

Postat av: Isabelle Olofsson

SVAR: Tack så mycket! Hoppas du får en underbar fredag :)

2015-02-20 @ 16:41:01 / URL: http://isabelleolofsson.se/
Postat av: Alicia

Djup text! Men jättefin blogg du har! Hoppas din kväll är bra! :)

2015-02-20 @ 19:34:50 / URL: http://alisve.blogg.se
Postat av: Hanna

så fint :)

2015-02-22 @ 18:02:38 / URL: http://hanalouise.blogg.se

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